Saturday, January 9, 2010

Driving in the Snow Sensory

This sensory is perfect for little boys! It keeps them busy for quite some time!

Supplies: white playdough and cars

Process: Use the white playdough as your "snow." Have the children drive along in the snow as they like!

Teach Well: White playdough maybe hard to make at home. During this time of year you may find white playdough in the seasonal department and during Valentines Day. I use inexpensive cars from the dollar store and keep them only for art projects. These are not save to play with since the wheels come off easy and are a choking hazard to young children. So, they are only used to paint with or in playdough.


A great game for those winter months inside!

Supplies: Plastic bowling pins and a large area to play in

Process: Have the child lay on the floor with their hands above their heads. Have them roll down toward the rolling pins. Try and have them knock the pins down only by staying down on the floor and rolling into them.

Teach Well: If the pins will not stay standing on your floor place on a flat surface like a box.

Feed the Penguin

I am sure I got this game idea from Mailbox Magazine but love the new twist I added!

Supplies: Clip art of a penguin, tub or box, clipart of fish, and dice

Process: Cut your penguin out then slit a slot where his mouth is. Attach it to the front of a box or dish tub. Cut out fish clipart (I found mine on my computer). Lay the fish on the floor (your "ocean"). Roll the dice and count how many fish you can gather from the ocean to "feed the penguin."

Teach Well: Read Without You before playing this game.

January's Scope and Sequence


Theme - Winter

Literacy - M, N, O, P

Math - Recognize; 13-16; Review

Science - Ice; Observation; Cause/Effect; Artic Animals

Physical Education - Gymnastics; Aerobic Wednesdays

Spanish - Weather

Bible - Jesus Calms the Storm

Verse - Psalm 107:29

Sentence Builder

I found this old game for 99 cents at Goodwill! I love you Goodwill!

Supplies: thrift store game, word strips, or printed out words from the computer

Process: Place a sentence on the table (or at circle time) and have the children read the sentence with you. Take turns finding a word from the pile you set aside to add to the blank in the sentence. Have them read it. Then read it together.

Teach Often: For a little fun, throw words in the pile that might not work with the sentence.

Decorate a Snowman

Find items around the house to help you play this fun and decorative game!

Supplies: craft foam snowmen, buttons, ribbon, pom poms, and dice

Process: Roll the dice and count the number you land on. Add that many pieces to your snowman and decorate him as you wish! Let your friend have a turn. When your snowman is filled clean him off and play again!

Teach Well: Snowmen are alway on clearence this time of year at your local craft store. No craft foam? Use clipart from your computer to make your "game board." Use this game with your favorite snowman book!


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