Monday, March 30, 2009

Allergy Free Snack List

Have children with allergies in your classroom? Here is a list to handout to parents giving them an idea of what food they can bring into the classroom that makes every child feel safe and included. This list is peanut, soy, egg, and chocolate free. Please remember to always look at labels, even if the item is on this list, to make sure all ingredient are safe.
Allergy Free Snack Option List

· Ritz Crackers
· Jelly Beans
· Fresh Fruit
· Canned Fruit
· Vegetables
· Only Home-Made Rice Krispie Treats
· Jell-O
· Animal Crackers
· Club Crackers
· Vanilla Wafers
· Only Regular Fig Newtons (not Fruit)
· Apple Sauce
· Tortillas
· Jam
· Bread
· Raisins
· Dry Cereal
· Pretzels
· Popcorn
· Fruit Leathers
· Fish Crackers
· Fruit Snacks
· Honey
· Yogurt
· Cheese Sticks
· Cottage Cheese
· Cheese and Crackers
· Chips
· Sandwich Meat
· Pop Tarts
· Tootsie Pops
· Jerkey
· Candy Canes
· Sugar Wafers
· Oreos
· Texas Sheet Cake
· Pretzels
· Teddy Grams
· Fruit Dip

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