Saturday, March 21, 2009

Water Color Stain

I am so not the macaroni and Popsicle stick teacher. But if a project has anything to do with altering something with paint, I'm there! You can stain any kind of noodle, bean, or rice. These water colors were my dad's, who was an artist. But you can find liquid water color for children here. I just use these because it is what I have on hand. I have actually used the Discount School Supply water colors and they are awesome! We used green because of spring but you have to try this project with bright colors like pink, purple, and blue! You can dye noodles to create necklaces or bracelets. I really like to create mobiles or indoor wind chimes with them

Supplies: paper towels, a piece of paper, objects to stain (such as noodles, beans, or rice), liquid water color, and a disposable jar with a lid

Process: Use your piece of paper to form a cone and place it at the top of the jar to make a funnel. Have the children place the objects to be stained in the jar. Place only two to three drops of liquid coloring in the jar. Place the lid on top and shake! When all of the objects inside are coated, place them on the paper towels to dry.

Teach Well: Liquid water color can stain clothing since it isn't concentrated. I wear gloves when doing this project. I have also heard of putting a drop of rubbing alcohol into the jar to help make the drying process faster. I personally don't use it because of the smell around the children.

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