Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Into Green!

My favorite bulletin board project was this next activity that we did today. I am not sure where the inspiration came from but it is not original.

Supplies: resealable bag, bean seeds, dirt, water, and tape/or stapler.


Have the children place dirt into a resealable bag. Add several seeds. You want to make sure you put a few inside just in case some don't grow. Hang your bag in a window or on a bulletin board. Water lightly.

My classroom had so much light that I was able to hang these right on the bulletin board! We also hung a measuring tape to help teach height/length and how to read a measuring tape. I loved coming in the mornings and finding that the beans had grown one to two inches over night! We had sprouts touching the ceiling! Make sure that there are a few at eye level so the children can enjoy the daily growth as well.

Teach Well: Make sure to make a few extra just in case some don't grow. That way everyone gets to take a successful plant home.

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