Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fruit Hockey

I love games out of the ordinary! Hockey sticks are a great way to work on gross motor skills while still having a blast! Plastic hockey sticks are one of my favorite items. Although they are expensive you may find items at your local dollar store that you can use instead. I have a dollar store set of golf clubs that work the same. Just be ready with the duct tape in case any handles fall off! Cones are useful to create start and finish lines. You can also find a set of three at your local dollar store.

Supplies: plastic fruit, plastic hockey sticks, four cones

Process: Create your field with two cones on each side. Try to keep the field small and if the children are doing well at using the hockey sticks then make your field larger. Give each child a plastic piece of fruit. Have them only use their hockey stick to guide the fruit to the other side of the field.

Teach Well: This is a non-competitive game. Safety first! Remind them to always keep their hockey stick on the floor. If their stick is always touching the floor, no one will get hurt and there will be no fruit flying across the room. If you are at home a great place to play this is in a hallway.

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