Sunday, March 29, 2009

Preschool Progress Report

Three/Four Year Olds/ Teacher: _______________
Adapted from several resources

Child’s name: _________________________________ School Year: ________________

Evaluation Key
G = Good Progress W = Working on Skill NA = Not Applicable
Social and Emotional Skills Oct April
I respect and show concern for people and things around me.

I accept and respond to my teacher’s authority.

I play and share with other children.

I have a good self-image.

I am happy and cheerful at school.

I have appropriate control over my feelings.

Work Habits

I get involved in and attend to activities.

I can follow directions.

I respond well to teacher’s suggestions.

I seek only my fair share of teacher’s attention.

I am a curious child.

I ask questions.

I can make choices.

Fine Motor Skills Oct April

Using crayons.

Using scissors.




Building with blocks.

Manipulating zippers.

Manipulating buttons.

Manipulating snaps.

Gross Motor Skills

Alternates feet on stairs.


Jump in place.

Balance on: Left foot.
Balance on: Right foot.
Hop on: One foot.
Hop on: Two feet.
Throw a ball forward.
Kick a ball forward.

Listening Skills Oct April

I listen quietly to stories.

My attention span is lengthening.

I respond to a story by recalling specific details.

Speaking Skills

I speak clearly.

I communicate in sentences.

I can answer some questions.

I wait for my turn when speaking in a group.

I can use language to communicate my wants and ideas.

I am expanding my vocabulary.

Self-Reliance Skills

I can go to the bathroom by myself.

I am learning to dress myself.

I am learning to brush my teeth.

I make good use of free time.

Music Skills

I participate in group singing.

I enjoy doing musical activities.

I am learning to repeat rhythmic patterns.

Art Skills Oct April

I participate in art activities.

I can use my art materials properly.

I help clean up messes after my art projects.

Academic Skills (Language Development/Math Concepts)

I know my letters (uppercase/lowercase).

I know my colors.

I know my shapes.

I know my body parts.

I know my numbers.

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