Saturday, March 21, 2009

Please Keep Off the Grass!

I love things that grow in no time at all! Grass seed does just that! I love to plant grass at home or in the classroom. It is great because once it grows you can take clippings and sprinkle it on art work for that extra green touch. I also found a great plant stake at the Dollar Tree several years ago that says "Keep off the grass!" In this project I used these pots from Ikea and hung them on this. I love the way they look hanging in our kitchen.

Supplies: pot, soil, grass seed, spray bottle with water, disposable cup, and sunlight

Process: Have the children put soil into their pot. Place the grass seed in a disposable cup and have the children shake the seed onto the top of the soil. Make sure that the children know not to touch the seed. Use the spray bottle to water the top of the soil. Have the children wash their hands thoroughly. Every day spritz the grass with water. Within a week you will have tall grass!

Teach Well: Use these Ikea pots for your child's art supplies. Hang the bar low enough so that your child can access them easily. Place them by an art easel for paint brushes or by a desk for school supplies.

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