Saturday, March 13, 2010

Frog's Lunch

This game is a lot of fun! When I find green party blowers I pick up quite a few to keep on hand for years to come.

Supplies: party blowers, plastic flies, and dice

Process: Lay out the flies on the floor in front of the children at circle time. Roll the dice. Have the children blow their green party blowers (frog tongue) on the flies. Whatever number was rolled pick up that many flies and have them put it at their spot.

Frog Painting

Supplies: Toy frogs, green paint, and copy of frog clipart

Process: Find frog clipart and make a copy on construction paper. Use the frogs to paint onto the paper.

Teach Well: Can't find frog clipart? Check your computer for variety.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March & April's Scope And Sequence

Although you can find my whole scope and sequence here I am adding quite a bit more in our day than I am use to. My son is going through my lesson plans faster than expected. This is good for several reasons. I am able to try new things that I haven't had time before to do. Also, it gives him the chance to do an activity that he liked earlier in the month again later. Look forward to lessons that will also be good for children in preschool through second grade!

I will be using both March and April's themes this month. Easter falls too early in April and so I am going to begin teaching Easter lessons during the third week in March.


Theme - The Farm/Easter

Literacy - U, V, W, X
(My son is now learning to write these letters but can already read. So we will be adding to our literacy program by doing activities that promote reading and writing.)

Math - Recognize; 20-24; Math Concepts
(My son is now learning to write these numbers but can already read them. So we will be adding to our math program by doing activities that promote addition and subtraction.)

 Science - Creation; Observation; Animals

Physical Education - Games; Aerobic Wednesdays

Bible - Jesus Teaches About the Lost Sheep

Verse - Luke 19:10


Theme - Easter/Spring

Literacy - Y & Z

Math - Recognize; 25-26; Math Concepts

Science - Spring; Observation; Cause/Effect

Physical Education - Parachute; Aerobic Wednesdays

Bible - Jesus Is Alive

Verse - Matthew 28:6


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