Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Curriculum and State Standard Questions

Whether or not you decide to order a preschool curriculum through companies like Zoo Phonics or Abeka. You first need to know what your preschool state requirements are. Some states, such as Oregon, doesn't have state standards for preschool, although it is possible that might change soon, states like Washington do. To find your state go here.

There is a list for Early Education Foundations, from three to five year olds, for the state of Oregon that can be found here. This is what I go by, which is similar to my report card. When you find your state's benchmarks you can go ahead and order your curriculum. (This is of course if you are teaching your child from home although some Early Educators have to create their own curriculum.)

I wanted to share with you my favorite can not live without teaching matrials. I love our local teaching store to find some of these items.

1. Mailbox Magazine is filled with fun hands-on activities to go with most of my themes. I love their fun ideas. Plus, they never grow old. I have even found some at garage sales that I have picked up and they are just as awesome as the new ones.

2. Zoo Phonics is an amazing product! Even if you can't afford the set (cause I know I can't) ;) look on Ebay or Craigslist for those that are selling theirs. You can also start off with the video and a set of flash cards to begin your collection. Let me just say that I have seen three year olds reading because of this program. It is a guarenteed to work product!

3. Find a book that can help your child with their writing skills, like this one. Try and get one that you can make copies of. This way if you have any other children in the home you can re-use it year after year.

4. If you didn't want to follow my Bible teaching plan but wouldn't mind a great Bible curruiculum, start easy with Mary Rice Hopkins' product. I have used all of her curruiculum to go with her music and it is great!

5. For gross motor development I can't live without my Aerobic CDs. Such as this one, this one, and this one.

I will share more of my favorites as we go along but these are my must-haves before the school year starts.

Teach Well: Be prepared with your teaching supplies and books before school begins. This way you can look it all over before the first day!

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