Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Guest Author - Michael Rosen

This week's guest is Michael Rosen, author to Red Ted and the Lost Things. This story is about the journey home for two lost toys. I love that the dialogue between the toys are in a comic book style where you can only see their thoughts (since toys don't really talk out loud). It truly is creative and everyone young and old can relate to losing something special to them!

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When did you begin writing?

I liked writing when I was at school, but the first time I started writing poems and stories out of school was when I was about 15.

What inspires you everyday?

Hearing other people's poems and stories is a great stimulus. But I'm listening and thinking about things to write about all the time.

What gave you the idea for "Red Ted and the Lost Things"?

I think it was several different things. Lost property offices have always interested me. They seem to say so much about who we are. Then I thought about the way people get lost and how important it is for us to find a home for ourselves. I was also thinking about journeys and how you can never make a journey entirely on your own. You always need help, but the people who help will always have different reasons for travelling with you.

What was the last thing you lost?

My father's autobiography. I can't find the book he wrote.

Have you found it?


Did you have a favorite Teddy Bear as a child? Did it have a name?

I had a teddy but I think he was just Teddy.

What advice do you have for parents who want to encourage writing?

Just keep reading to your children, talking about stories, poems and films. Don't try to control what your children read or in the end it will put them off. Keep taking children to libraries and bookshops. Try to help your children's school keep up a good library, a good school bookshop. Take your children to see authors at book festivals and libraries.

What can you tell children who have a passion for writing?

Keep a notebook. In the notebook, write down your thoughts, phrases and sayings that you hear people say. Write down your favourite lines from poems and books. Collect words and thoughts. Keep reading. Never stop reading what other people write.

Teach Well:  Try to help your children's school keep up a good library, a good school bookshop.

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