Saturday, September 18, 2010

Smiley Face Jar*

Supplies: two containers (one red and one green), two 3x5 cards, crayons, and decorative rocks

Process: Draw a smiley face with a green crayon on one 3x5 card. Draw a sad face on the other 3x5 card. Place each card in the matching container (I used two small planting pots). Fill the red container 3/4 with decorative rocks. You can use any sortable material. I used bugs from the local dollar store.

During every activity, the child may earn a rock for the green jar. Green (the color for "go") represents making good choices and red (for "stop") for bad choices. Just like earning rocks for the green jar for making good choices the child can also have them removed and placed back in the red jar for making bad choices. For some children, filling the green jar may be easy. But, for others, each activity is an incentive to try their best.

When the child fills their green jar, they may earn their reward. You must decide what that reward may be.

Teach Well: For some children their reward may be small since they are able to fill their jar faster than others. For some it may take a week or more and their reward may be a trip somewhere or $5 to spend in the toy department.

*Idea was inspired and by Kati Padgett

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  1. We do something very similar for Ben & Liam. We have mason jars, and marbles. One for behavior, and one for chores. It has really worked wonders...they can't lose the rocks they earn for chores, but boy...they can for behavior!



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