Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Children's Post: How to Cook a Turkey

one turkey                                          shrimp
soy sauce

(Terron odd and Ethan even)

1. Get a turkey at the grocery store.

2. Then you want the turkey.

3. Then you push the oven right here.

4. The oven gets hot.

5. You put salsa on the turkey.

6. Then you put soy sauce on the turkey.

7. Put some shrimp on it.

8. Put the turkey in a pan and cook it.

9. Put in for four minutes.

10. You get it out of the oven.

11. Eat it!


  1. Soy Sauce and Salsa!?! At least they both taste ok with turkey but just not for Thanksgiving!

  2. That sounds like one yummy turkey! Lol :) SOOO sweet.... you will be so happy you jotted that memory down to have years to come. Adorable.



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