Wednesday, November 18, 2009

God Provides in the Wilderness

Supplies: cd player, sound effects cd (with walking on gravel), sheet, pre-popped popcorn or marshmallows and small cups

Process: Begin the story of Moses in the wilderness walking with the Israelites. Talk about how they lived and why they were there. God was taking them to a very special new home. Put the cd on repeat and begin walking around the room. Tell them that they even had to sleep in the wilderness. Pause the cd and pretend you are sleeping on the floor. Push play on the cd and begin walking again (do this two more times). Explain that they didn't have anymore food and they started to get hungry. Rub your tummies. Then they started to complain. Start complaining about being hungry. Then, God did something amazing! Pause the cd and have them sleep again (tell them no peeking!). Quickly lay out the sheet and sprinkle popcorn on the sheet. Have them wake up and see what God gave the Israelites! Give everyone a small cup and remind them to only pick up what can fill their cups. God provides for our needs!

Teach Well: If you have an assistant, have them turn the lights on and off for your "day" and "night" time. Remind them that the lights will go off before you do it so that young ones won't get scared.

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