Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Breakfast on the Shore

I love this new electric campfire from Group! I just wish they had it eight years ago so that I didn't have to use tissue paper!

Supplies: Bible, electric campfire, wood, ferns, sticks, clip art of fish, and two fishing nets

Process: Set up your shore with the electric faux campfire. Add a few logs and ferns to make it look like a real campfire. Pre-cut your fish and put it in one fish net. During Bible Story time have the children listen to you tell the story of Breakfast on the Shore. Then act out the story by pretending to be on the boat with the fish net. Have a child pretend to be Jesus on the shore. Have the child call out to put the net on the other side of the boat. Have the another net behind you filled with fish. Pull it out and see all the fish that was caught! Give every child a fish and have them tape it to their stick. Have the children "cook" their fish over the fire.

Teach Well: Have a sound effects CD of waves going in the background for an even more dramatic effect.

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