Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Map Mud

Even though the school year might be coming to an end, learning never does. My curruculum ends at the month of May but I use the summer for a great time of sensory, fun, and games. The weather makes it easy to do those messy projects outside. When we did this sensory today, we used a plastic outdoor table and washed the table off with the hose when we were done. Run out of ideas to keep the kids busy? Stay close to this blog this summer and be inspired to teach your kids while having a great time doing it!

Supplies: 3 parts flour, 3 parts salt, 2 parts water, and food coloring if desired

Process: Mix salt and flour in a bowl. Add enough water to make a paste that is thick like frosting. Add food coloring or wait and paint when dry.

This recipe comes from Magic Mixtures Recipes for Fun and Learning by Heidi Stalder, Lane Community College

Teach Well: Some ways to use Map Mud - Spread the mixture on heavy cardboard, a sheet of plastic board, or wood. Shape to land features such as hills, lakes, and valleys. Use it as a sensory mixture and have children spread it like fingerpaint on a hard or washable surface. Use it to build dioramas.

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