Monday, May 4, 2009

Items I Can't Live Without!

Here is my list of things I can not live without for the month of May. To look again at the scope and sequence for May's theme go here.

1. Fish squirters like the ones here.

2. Goggles, sailor hats, and sun glasses for dramatic play.

3. This pool from here. The bigger the better! I use this for indoor play and Bible lessons. Stay tuned in this month to see the fun!
4. Plastic boats
6. PVC pieces
7. Ocean Sounds CD
8. Magnetic fishing poles
9. Ocean themed books
10. Shells, sand, shovels, and scoops
This month you will see how I use these items in unique and fun ways!
Teach Well: Shop early for summer items. Items go fast, so if you see something you like grab it!May is the perfect time to collect your Ocean Themed treasures!

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