Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Science Journals

Before our first science experiment, I have the children decorate the front of their science journals. We will be using these to record our observations during science time.

Supplies: Composition book, hot glue gun, paper glue, buttons, ribbons, markers, paper, and any other recycled materials

Process: Have the children pick out their paper and guide them to tear it down so that it will fit the cover of the composition book. Let the children glue it to the front cover. Glue another piece of paper to the top of that. Have the children place the items they want onto the cover of the book. Take the hot glue gun to the book and hot glue it into place. Using hot glue will make sure that the items won't fall off later.

Teach Well: Try not to move the items to where you may want to put them. Remember to let the child express themselves how they wish in art.

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