Thursday, October 8, 2009

Crayon Cakes

This isn't an original idea. I got this reciepe from a friend who got it from a friend; you know the drill. But, it is so brilliant I wanted to share! I love using crayon cakes for rubbings and for other small motor skill activities. For the season, I create cakes only with red, orange, green, yellow, and brown. You will see how we use these later in the month.

Supplies: old crayons, muffin tins or metal candy molds (if you use plastic as in the photo reduce cooking time), and a crock pot

Process: Soak the crayons for about five to ten minutes until the wrappers get loose. Have the children help you tear the paper off. Break the crayons into small pieces and fill the molds until they are heaping.

Place the top of the candy mold on top and snap closed. If you need to add more crayons open and do so now and make sure the mold is filled.

Place your molds into the crock pot and place on high for an hour and a half. Let cool and pop crayons out.

Teach Well: Let your children be involved in the process of creating items to use for another project. It gives them ownership for the items in the classroom.

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