Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Using Technology in the Classroom

How as teachers and parents can we use technology to teach our children? I want to use technology as a tool to help teach in unique and fun ways! My husband has an Apple Ipod Touch. For those who are familiar with this device know that there are thousands of applications that can be downloaded and some are free.

Today we used the Ipod to begin our writing-readiness training. We found an ABC Tracing game for preschoolers in which you can use your finger to trace along the letters while also hearing the phonic sound for that letter.

Teach Well: Use technology to introduce new things in new ways!


  1. Ben knows how to use my iPhone almost as well as I do!! The games section of my phone is pretty much's not only a great distraction, but an educational one!!

  2. loved this post... so many cool games for the kids!



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