Sunday, October 18, 2009

Masked Raccoons

I have been doing this craft for eight years. The idea was originally in Mailbox Magazine and I was glad to see this month's magazine have an updated version of this. Although, I stuck with my original design this year, I added the painted corn to the raccoon's hands. If you are doing a bulletin board, these little guys look so cute in a 3-D corn field. I will have to dig in my photos and see if I can find copies of the bulletin boards to share.

Supplies: glue, Q-tips, brown lunch sack, black marker, a white crayon for each child, and black paper

Process: Pre-cut the small pieces before craft time. On a different day, trace the children's hands onto black paper. Cut them out and have them ready to go on the day of the project. Read the story Raccoons and Ripe Corn. Then, remind them that raccoons have hands, eyes, ears, and a nose just like us. Together have the children find the mask shape and use a white crayon to draw the eyes. Remind them that they can draw a circle to make an eye. Put glue on the back and place on bag. Then have them find the oval nose to glue on next. Then remind them that the ears go on top of the raccoons head and to glue the triangle ears on. Then have them draw a mouth with a black marker. Also have them draw lines on the body. Glue the hands next.

Teach Well: It might be tempting to help the children glue since this is still close to the beginning of the school year. Children are still developing their small motor skills and may have a difficult time with this project. Go slow. Allow enough time to do this project with your class. Do it as a group so that children will see how others are successful and that they can be too! But, keep your hands to yourself! Let the child learn and be free to create as they wish! What you will get are not cookie cutter raccoons but a collection of creative critters to display!

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