Sunday, October 18, 2009

What Bread is Missing?

We are doing the story of Jesus Feeds Five Thousand. This game is a lot of fun and can be created quickly!

Supplies: 5 copies or clipart of bread (I found mine on my Microsoft program) and a marker

Process: Cut the bread out. Add numbers 1-5 on the each piece of paper. Then after review the story during Bible Time, play the game. Line the bread in order and count together. Have the children close their eyes and you take a number away. Open eyes and let the children raise their hand if they know which number is missing. As they get the hang of it, take two or three numbers away.

Teach Well: If your children are older have numbers that could add up to five. Use one of the pieces of bread as an addition sign. You could still have the children close their eyes and you could place the probelm in front of them. When they open their eyes, have them try and figure out the problem.

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