Thursday, October 8, 2009

Leafy Shape Sensory

I love filling our sensory table up with different items every month; none in which are rice! This month we use silk leaves from the local dollar store; they come in a large package of loose ones. I think it cost me $6 to fill the table. I got the magnetic wands at my local teacher supply store. The shapes magnets I got at a garage sale, but you can use letters, animals, or round ball magnets (also found out a teacher supply store).

Supplies: Sensory table, magnets, magnetic wands, and silk leaves.


Process: Fill your sensory table with the silk leaves and bury the magnets under them. Have the children use magnet wands to find a shape under the leaves. When they find one, have them say what shape they found!

Teach Well: Use this opportunity to introduce magnets and how they work in science. Keep other magnetic centers out for creative exploration!

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